National EOS Awareness Week

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How to Take our Top 8 Challenge on 8/8!

On Tuesday 8 August 2017 do NOT eat any milk, egg, soy, wheat, peanut, tree nut, shellfish or fish products. 

You can choose to take the challenge for the whole day or just one meal on the day.

don8 in one of these easy ways!

Option 1: Buy a Virtual Badge

Buy a personalised 'I'm taking the Top 8 Challenge for...' virtual badge which can be purchased for an $8 donation here

You can use your Top 8 Challenge Badge on social media and we will also display it on this website's 'Hall of Top 8 Badges'

Option 2: Set up a Fundraising Page

Register to take our Top 8 Challenge as an individual or start or join a fundraising family or team to take the Top 8 Challenge together!

It's now free to register and then you can share your personalised fundraising page with your friends and family and ask them to support you in taking the challenge! We will also make you up a special Fundraiser Top 8 Challenge badge to use on your social media and will be displayed on our 'Hall of Top 8 Badges'!

Start fundraising today through MyCause!

Option 3: Make a Donation

Make a tax deductible donation of $8 securely through PayPal

Want to donate more? You can donate in multiples of $8! 


Are you under 18? If you are Under 18 years of age please get your parent/guardian's ok by completing an Under 18's Permission Form first and then you can ask your family and friends to sponsor you by downloading a copy of our Top 8 Challenge Pledge Form.


Ideas for Top 8 Challenge Day!

Why not challenge your friends and family to take the challenge with you by hosting a bbq or dinner party on the 8/8! Or you could organize a shared morning tea or lunch at work and ask your colleagues to bring in a plate of food to share without the Top 8 allergenic foods. You can print out a copy of our Top 8 Challenge poster for your workplace here. You could host a competition to see who can come up with the best Top 8 free cake!

If your friends and family want to donate to the cause, ask them to bring a gold coin donation along to your event and this can be donated to ausEE in a number of ways here or share with them our link to online donations


Thank you for taking our Top 8 Challenge and Good Luck!!!

We're sure you can last one meal or even 24 hours without your favourite food - but can you imagine a LIFE without pizza, cake and chocolate?


After the Challenge...

Did you PASS the Top 8 Challenge?

CONGRATULATIONS!! You have had a window into the life of someone living with an eosinophilic disorder.

Did you find taking the Top 8 Challenge too HARD?

We say well done for even trying - it isn't easy... we don't blame you, people with EGID wouldn't avoid these foods either if they didn't have to!

Share your challenge experience with us!

This challenge is also about raising AWARENESS for eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorders so please tell people what you are doing and why! Use the hashtag #top8challenge on your social media and visit our facebook page and post a pic of your top 8 free meal of the day!

Waiver: By choosing to take part in the Top 8 Challenge, you acknowledge that you understand the activities and risks involved in participating. ausEE Inc. does not suggest taking the Top 8 Challenge for more than one day without dietary advice. If you have any health conditions that may be affected by diet changes, please check with your doctor before taking the challenge. Read our Terms and Conditions.