National EOS Awareness Week

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What's for Breakfast?

corn flakes with rice milk or try them dry!
pancakes made with only rice flour and water
gluten free muffins - make sure no egg, butter, milk or wheat are used to make them (that is a challenge in itself!)
gluten free toast with dairy free margarine - make sure the bread used doesn't contain wheat, egg, soy or milk products

What's for Lunch?

garden salad with chicken - make sure the dressing doesn't contain egg or milk products
gluten free wrap - check the wrap doesn't contain wheat, egg or milk products and that only dairy free margarine is used
baked beans - read the ingredients panel and watch out for milk or wheat products
rice cakes with avocado and sliced tomato - remember no butter or cheese!

What's for Dinner?

steak and chips - make sure you check the ingredients list of the chips for any wheat or milk products
rice pasta with bolognaise sauce - sorry no cheese on top!
sausages and mash - check the sausages don't have wheat in them and don't use butter or milk in the mashed potato
curry chicken and rice - use coconut milk and read the ingredients carefully on the curry sauce for shellfish products

Alternative Chef Kitchen Episode

Check out the Top 8 Challenge special episode from Alternative Chef Kitchen!

Recipe Cards

We've had a Chef put together some Top 8 Challenge Recipe Cards for us. Check some out below and here for more easy recipes to follow!

Visit our Australian Allergy Friendly Finds Facebook page for recipes, products, online stores, restaurants and more that can help you prepare for Top 8 Challenge Day!
ausEE's website also has lots of links to allergy friendly recipes here and you can also follow Top 8 Challenge on Facebook for ideas!

Dining Out?

This is where the challenge gets real - because you will discover that most restaurant staff don't know what ingredients are included in their menu items.

If you were living with allergies for real you would have to talk to the chef in person to see if measures can be put in place to ensure your food was safe. It's not easy eating out with food allergies and many people choose to avoid it all together.

If you are eating out fast food - most major fast food restaurants will have an ingredient listing you can ask to read.

Was it a Challenge for you?

Did you find taking the Top 8 Challenge easy or hard?

If it was easy for you then that is great - you may have even felt better for the day by limiting what you ate and eating healthier because packaged food isn't easy to come by without the Top 8 allergens. But would you want to do it everyday??

Remember... It's no fun for people living with an EGID because they don't have a choice, if they eat these foods they could feel sick, they may cause damage to parts of their gastrointestinal tract, some may choke or find it hard to swallow.

Some of them find it hard to grow on the restricted diet and have failure to thrive, they may require to drink an elemental formula each day to receive their nutrient intake and possibly through a feeding tube.

For more info about EGIDs please visit the ausEE website.

Please note that ausEE Inc. does not suggest taking the Top 8 Challenge for more than one day without dietary advice.